You’ve invested time and money into the appearance of your website; widgets and themes that ease functionality and featured blog posts that are sure to attract clients’ attention. So how do you know they are working?

Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vital groundwork for web success. It allows you to monitor in black and white what is effective in your website and quite simply, what needs to be changed. A program like this lets you know specifically what areas of your site visitors tend to linger on and what they avoid; how long they spend reading your posts and the how many go on to become customers – from this information you can proactively work to suit their needs, by following the trails they have left behind.

Make it a habit

Once you have Google Analytics set up, you should establish goals for your site – stick to these goals and monitor how your website is doing on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. By doing this, you can check the performance of your site and understand the way in which people are engaging with your website and whether or not it follows how you planned it to. By making this a habit, you can efficiently solve any problems within your site, and respond to what real visitors like and dislike – thus engaging with them and maintaining a healthy relationship with future clients.