People like consistency; many follow the same newspaper for years, support the same football team and purchase the same brand of detergent. People want something that they can trust – so why should a website be any different?

By ensuring that posts flow through your website on a daily basis, people know that your business is active. There is nothing worse than looking to purchase something on the net and realising that the website hasn’t been updating in months or even years. This understandably gives off the wrong vibe to any potential clients; it makes your business look defunct and untrustworthy. The likelihood is that they will open your site, scan the date of the last post, and close the tab.

You can prevent this

By running a blog on your site or posting regular updates, you can increase traffic by a tenfold. People love reading relevant news from trusted sites about topics that interest them. If your site is based on technology, then post about the latest rumours and industry news. If you are a clothes company, then update people on styles and trends, work from your findings and be sure to link customers to relevant areas in your site. This will also allow you to gain traffic through natural search from keywords used in topics you’ve discussed.

But remember, the quality of your written posts needs to be on par with the quality of your products and service. Keep your visitors enticed with your content, build a relationship with them and they will absolutely return and go from visitors to clients.