Many websites create blog posts and circulate information taken from sources that they do not cite in their text. People read this information and may not know whether they should trust the website or not, as the sources may very well be bogus, or perhaps so unofficial that they may as well have been taken from a Wikipedia article.

People want reliability

When posting content on your site, it is paramount that you link to relevant ‘trustworthy’ sources such as government sites and news sites such as the BBC in order to build a ‘trust factor’ with your visitors. You must remember to embed quotes if you are speaking of a study or relaying information taken from an interview for example. Doing so will increase a visitor’s trust in your site.

How will this benefit you?

By aiming for at least 2 or 3 good quality links to government sites in all of your published content, your site will be seen as a reliable one. Content that has outbound links to good quality sources looks good in the eyes of Google. Seeing that your page has links to relevant information can drastically increase your rankings. Not only are people going to trust your content, but Google will rank you higher for building links with larger, more influential websites.