How can you attract traffic if you have no idea what people want? Your website could be beautifully designed, with graphics that put the competition to shame, but why is it still not gaining enough traffic? What many sites continuously fail to do is directly answer what  people are looking for.

So what do you do?

It is paramount that you identify the keywords that people search for, pick a handful of the most relevant keywords and use this knowledge to actively improve your site. By including keywords and phrases that people search for in their engines, potential customers will easily find your site through organic search.

This directly answers the question they are seeking. Why would they spend hours scouring through pages and pages of information to find simple key words, when your page can answer them directly? Relevance is key.

What next?

These keywords shouldn’t be overused – don’t try and stick them absolutely everywhere. This can incredibly annoying and unnecessary. However, you should instead try and integrate these keywords in tags, titles and related content throughout your site. Let search engines know about the relevant content in your website and they will surely rank you higher – but more importantly, let customers know how suited you are for them. Why would they go anywhere else?